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Shipping Wonders of the World

List of Illustrations

This page provides a complete list of the main illustrations in Shipping Wonders of the World.

There are separate lists for the colour plates and the photogravure supplements. Links are provided to take you to these illustrations.

There is a separate page listing for the ships illustrated throughout this part work.

RMS "Empress of Britain"

List of Photogravure Supplements

RMS “Queen Mary” (part 1)

Lighthouses - Signposts of the Sea (part 3)

Famous Ships (part 5)

The Port of London (part 7)

Icebergs - The North Atlantic Ice Patrol (part 9)

The Port of Liverpool (part 11)

A Gallery of Native Craft (part 14)

RMS “Queen Mary” (part 16)

New York - Key to a Continent (part 18)

The Romance of Vancouver (part 20)

The “America’s Cup” (part 22)

Mariehamn’s Grain Fleet (part 24)

Greyhounds of the Fleet (part 26)

The Last Days of Sail (part 28)

German Shipping (part 30)

The Mississippi (part 32)

Sailing Ships and Tugs (part 34)

RMS “Orion” (part 36)

In the Dominions (part 38)

The Shipbreaking Industry (part 40)

The Glory is Departed (part 42)

The United States Navy (part 44)

Scotland’s Premier Shipping Centre (part 46)

The Marine Engineer (part 48)

Sydney’s Magnificent Harbour (part 50)

Motion of the Ship at Sea (part 52)

The Ports of Hull and Grimsby (part 54)

List of Colour Plates

Engraving of the RMS “Queen Mary” (part 1)

The “Ariel” (part 1)

Flags and Their Meanings (part 2)

Distinctions of Rank in the Mercantile Marine (part 4)

Prelude to Adventure - The Terra Nova entering the pack ice (part 6)

Night Signals by Lights and Flares (part 8)

The Record-Breaker “Lightning” (part 10)

Distinctions of Rank in the Royal Navy (part 12)

Historic Flags and Funnels (part 13)

HMS “Victory” (part 15)

Taking in the Crossjack (part 17)

“Oil on Troubled Water” (part 19)

The Stormy Seas of the Atlantic Ocean (part 21)

Spritsail Barges on the River Thames (part 23)

The Figurehead of the “Cutty Sark” (part 25)

The “Empress of Britain” (part 27)

The Breaksea Lightship in the Bristol Channel (part 29)

The “Monarch of Bermuda” (part 31)

Going Aloft - on board the “Archibald Russell” (part 33)

The “Sovereign of the Seas” (part 35)

The Corinth Canal (part 37)

The “Queen Mary” (part 39)

RMMV “Stirling Castle” (part 41)

Broached-To in Heavy Seas (part 43)

The “Joseph Conrad” (part 45)

HMS “Hood” (part 47)

The “Mauretania” (part 49)

Medals for Acts of Bravery (part 51)

The French Liner “Normandie” (part 53)

The "Monarch of Bermuda"